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For Adam 

The new big book of color in Design
Editor David E.Carter, Collins Design, HarperCollins Publishers, New York, 2006
ISBN-10 0-06-113767-7 $$

This second edition of its kind shows 300+ examples of graphic design grouped into 26 categories according to their color schemes. The categories are e.g. Classic, Natural, Retro or Hip. Color schemes are shown with CMYK and RGB values. A good reference on how color schemes will look like when applied, not only for print media.

Tasteful Color Combinations
Naomi Kuno and FORMS inc./Color Intelligence Institute, Page One Publishing Pte., Singapore, 2005
ISBN: 981-245-228-1 $

Naomi Kuno advocates color schemes which speak to all senses not just the eye. 455 themed, named and described color schemes with CMYK and RGB values are listed. Most of the color schemes look better onscreen than in the printed version, sometimes a distinct Japanese color sense is visible.

Colorist. A Practical Handbook for Personal and Professional Use
Shigenobu Kobayashi, Kodansha International Ltd., Tokyo, 1998
ISBN 4-7700-2323-5 $

Personal color taste exercises, color and image mappings and explanations of color schemes and their applications aim to teach anyone to become a colorist. A must read book. However a bit technocratic and not so practical after all.

Digital Colour for the Internet and other Media
Studio 7.5, Ava Publishing SA, Switzerland,2003
ISBN 2-88479-026-8 $$

A very rich collection of information about digital color, including ergonomics, meaning, dynamics, order, grammar of color and many website examples of which some might still be around. I am not sure if this book is still in print though. It is worth hunting for.

Colour. The Digital Photography Expert
Michael Freeman, ILEX, United Kingdom, 2005
ISBN 1-904705-58-8 $
The eye is fit to see the world, the photographers view on color is close to something like an original viewpoint. Hence I like this book for its chapter Real Word, Real Color and the use of color inspired by real world impressions.

Color Communication in Architectural Space
Meerwein, Rodeck, Mahnke, Birkhaeuser 1st English version, Germany, 2007
ISBN-10: 3-7643-7596-5 $$$
First published in German: Farbe – Kommunication im Raum, 1998, ISBN 3-7643-7595-7
This is a scholarly and beautiful book. Although it is meant for Architects the thoughts, concerns and processes apply to some extend to all color applications.