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New ways to teach color and train color sense

Today the 1st years students of National University Singapore’s Industrial Design course where confronted with a different kind of color exercise. A story about a picnic in a cubical world is the start to an investigation of the capability of colors to categorize and characterize objects. Final results are expected in 3 weeks time.

A two dimensional color exercise: Imagine you visited a cubical world, there where only cubes. Everything alive or dead was cubes! After your first confusion you became good friends with the cubers. One day you went out with them to a splendid park. 6 of you had a picnic, eating 3 different dishes and drinking a delicious cuberian drink. Back home your friends thought your story was quiet unbelievable. What luck that you had made a photograph that day.

Make three quick sketches of the scene; discuss your ideas with your tutors. Make one final A4 size image. Exhibit your ‘photo’.